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Shang Healthcare Limited

The Birth of Shang

In 2010, Emily assist to brought Shang to life with a dedication to pursue a 100% Hong Kong-made, patent Chinese herbal formula -driven health care product local Hong Kong health brand.

A Hong Kong Original: Vowed to stand by Hongkongers

Having experienced SARS, Hongkongers’ personal hygiene awareness grew at a significant pace. Seizing the opportunity looking for anti-bacterial product that lead the Shang took the initiative to research and develop an antibacterial herbal formula, in partnership with the School of Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong Baptist University. In 2010, after 5 years sponsored by Shang, Shang successfully formulated a Chinese herbal solution that is an effective antibacterial measure against the threat of flu, legionnaires’ disease, Escherichia coli and four other major diseases.* The School of Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong Baptist University was only involved in the invention and proof-testing of the herbal formula for using as air disinfectant, and was never involved in the development, manufacture and marketing of products of Shang Healthcare Ltd. Shang’s products are developed, manufactured and marketed solely by Shang Healthcare Ltd.


Continuous product development with the patented anti-bacterial herbal solution in the past years. Shang has developed different diffuser to fit purposes, such as home use, office use, car use, mobile version for easy travel. Aim to standby our customers always to provide protection wherever they are. Especially in the latest years, many fatal cases happed due to infection with many common bacteria and viruses. Therefore, Shang keeps up to test the herbal solution against such bacteria. Moreover, over the past years, customer feedback on product experiences is very important too. The cumulative positive feedback from the nose allergy customers were the most precious finding of the Chinese herbal solution. Regardless their age from 3-70, our customers with nose allergy feedback that they feel relief in few days’ time.

Made in Hong Kong: Persisting through the domestic challenges

In 2013, Shang gathered the feedback from the customer and the testers, , Shang’s face mask with the patented herbal solution has launched the test batch in the market, further protect our customer wherever they go and under different condition. With the herbal solution, the face mask not just provide a basic prevention from the airborne bacteria but the herbal solution proven could kill different bacteria listed. Another benefit is the user found better breath experience with Shang’s herbal mask. In 2014, mask production line was finally established in Hong Kong. Yet the the machinery support needs and China factory support encouraged Shang to suspend the Hong Kong mask making part but keep the most valuable herbal solution production part in Hong Kong. . In February 2020, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Emily re-startedShang’s local mask production line to lend its helping hand to the surge of domestic demand in face masks as Emily prioritises social welfare over high costs of production.

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